Living with Dust Mites & Allergies, Why Mattress & Pillow Encasements are Effective

Tara Gleig – Director - Bed Bug Wholesale

Living With Dust Mites And Allergies, Why Mattress, Pillow & Quilt Encasements Are Effective

If you have a house dust mite (HDM) allergy, you might be allergic to the microscopic bugs themselves— it’s common for people to be allergic to their exoskeletons in some cases. More likely though, you’re reacting to a potent enzyme in their droppings. Keeping those droppings (and dead bug bodies) away from your lungs, nose and eyes is the purpose of allergy encasements. It’s very easy to breath these microscopic particles in when you make these airborne from any movement of your bedding, After touching an non-encased mattress it’s also very simple to rub these enzymes in your eyes creating an almost instant cause of symptoms. Mattress and Pillow encasements have been proven to work straight away and are effective in assisting to prevent allergic diseases such as eczema, rhinitis and asthma from taking root in people genetically-predisposed to those conditions.

 We’re not going to try and shock you by telling you that mattresses can eventually double in weight due to a horrific pile-up of dust mite poop. Yes, their droppings are inside your mattress without question, they are not good for you if you’re allergic, however the weight of it all is a myth that’s been used to “ham up” a story to make it sound great. We are also not going to try and tell you we have a solution to eradicate all dust mites from your life as its simply not feasible. With more and more Australian adults and children being diagnosed with an allergy to dust mites and their enzymes, getting your bedding sorted out is key to reducing the exposure you have which in turn improves your quality of day to day comfort.  

How Allergy Encasements Help?

If you have a dust mite allergy or asthma, in addition to other allergy-proofing measures, it’s important to do the following for your bedding.

  • seal off your new mattress, ensemble base/box spring, pillows & quilts, so dust mites can’t get in and set up shop in the first place.


  • seal off your old mattress, ensemble base/box spring, pillows & quilts, so existing occupants (and their poop) can’t get out.

Your pillows are the most important bedding items to protect, since they’re so close to your Eyes, Nose, Mouth, followed by your mattress as this is the hardest to wash or air. Your blanket quilt or duvet are the final stage in the process and should be encased for the same reasons also. 

What Is an Effective Encasement?

When you shop for allergy encasements the most important factor is the size of the openings in the fabric’s weave. This measurement is called “pore size” and is measured in microns. If your supplier can’t tell you the pore size of their products you should run in the opposite direction.

To block mites and their droppings, the fabric’s pore size should be no greater than 10 microns. To block pet dander, look for six microns or less. Many products sold in Australia are designed for the sole purpose of controlling bed bugs, these are accidently confused as being suitable for allergies. Bed Bugs range from 2mm to 5mm and as such these porous encasements that will control bedbugs are not suitable for allergy control.  

Bed Bug Wholesales mattress and pillow Protector/Encasements are made to commercial standards. A 90gsm Knitted Jersey Fabric is used for our Mattress and Pillow range, however it’s the waterproof 0.2mm TPU film that has been adhered to the internal side of our products that sets these apart from nearly all of the residential products on the Australian market. The specially designed breathable TPU Film is monolithic, it creates a liquid barrier which is a distinct benefit over other breathable products that are microporous, which means they have tiny holes that allow moisture through and in some cases everything else. To be honest, many manufactures use low quality breathable materials like 200 thread count cotton as production costs are minimal, most are untested and completely useless against dust mite and allergy protection. After the first few washes the weave in the fabric comes loose and stretches to a pore size well above anything effective for allergies. Our mattress and pillow encasements are found on many 3, 4 and 5-star hotel beds around the country. If you have stayed in any of the top tier hotels I am certain that you wouldn’t have had any idea that your mattress was encased or felt any less comfortable than at home in your own bed. To date we have not had a single unit returned for being uncomfortable or ineffective. The results speak for themselves. If you have an allergy you need to control and need the best priced commercial products, please visit us at